About Us

Our Statement

To provide premium furniture and top-tier shopping service at a reasonable & affordable price point. We offer a unique selection of stylish, contemporary, and cool furniture online as well as offline.

Ekra Me Furniture Company is a furniture design company based in Kolkata, India. The company established in 2022 and has more than 5 years of experience in the field of furniture design. Ekra Me Furniture is an indoor and outdoor furniture manufacturing service. The company which is run by a team and has been in existence from 2022 and the longevity can be attributed to the quality of both the products and service. After identifying a vacuum on the furniture market, brothers DILSHAD and IRFAN decided to create Ekra Me Furniture to bring to customers top-of-the-range furniture through online and offline. Three words describe the furniture that Ekra Me Furniture creates and retails, that is stylish, contemporary, and best. The owner of the company is well experienced in this industry. In 2022 the company decided to bring the high-end quality furniture shopping experience online.


The main idea behind Ekra Me Furniture is not to just provide furniture but to offer the best of quality and also gleaming service. We do just that and our furniture is the perfect testament. We have an extensive collection of high-quality furniture to make sure that both your indoor and outdoor spaces feel as comfortable as possible. Our furniture is stylish and comfortable, you do not have to make a compromise on either of the two when you buy from us.

Indoor sofa sets are part of our catalogue and we have several models for customers to choose from. We have made sure that our indoor sofas surpass international standards and without a doubt, in terms of indoor sofas Ekra Me Furniture is actually the standard. At Ekra Me Furniture we also manufacture outdoor furniture for your outdoor spaces. Our outdoor furniture is stylish, comfortable, and also durable. Outdoor furniture is likely going to be exposed to harsher conditions but with our furniture, the last thing you have to worry about is Ekra Me Furniture giving in to wear and tear easily. Our furniture is designed and engineered to last a very long time and we guarantee that it does that and more.

Design that make statement

A furniture company that is committed to making statement and offering a design that is both functional and aesthetic. Ekra Me Furniture Company has been committed to designing furniture that make statements with their customers. They also offer designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Ekra Me Furniture Company is a furniture manufacturing company that specializes in designing and making furniture with a statement. It has been in the industry for more than 40 years now and has always been committed to the quality of their products. It also offers a wide range of furniture designs for different needs and budgets.

A chair can be an object of art. Furniture design is a form of art and the design has to be aesthetically pleasing. Designers are always looking for new ways to express themselves through their designs. It is not just about the design but also about the materials used in its making. Some designers prefer to use recyclable materials in their designs as it helps in reducing pollution.

Unique Shopping Experience

Ekra Me Furniture Company is a one-stop shop for all your furniture needs. They offer a unique shopping experience to their customers by providing them with an interactive showroom and also by providing them with a personalized, one-on-one service.
Ekra Me is the furniture store that offers more than just furniture. They have a website that gives their customers the opportunity to experience their products online before they buying them. They also offer custom design services so that you can get the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office space.

Ekra Me Furniture Company has a unique shopping experience for their customers. They have a variety of furniture items that are available to be seen and touched before purchase. Ekra Me Furniture Company offers their customers to see and touch the furniture before they buy it. The company wants customers to feel confident in their purchase and the Ekra Me team is committed to make sure that everyone has a great experience.